Haddon Hall Management

Since 1974, Realstar® has been committed to excellence in every facet of multi-unit residential real estate: a commitment that has enabled us to become a leading provider of quality rental accommodations.

Realstar provides a superior living experience that exceeds expectations.

  • Realstar® is proactive in property maintenance and improvements, and constantly maintains very high standards of repair.
  • Realstar® property management teams are well trained, live on-site and respond to your needs immediately. We take pride in our same day service!
  • Realstar® managed properties are clean and quiet. Our genuine care and attention to detail attracts high-quality residents who care about the buildings in which they live.
  • Realstar® organizes regular social events that fosters a real sense of belonging in a Realstar community.
  • Realstar® provides on-site management for other additional properties in Montreal, including 4300 de Maisonneuve. Please visit for a complete property listing throughout Canada.
  • There’s no appointment required. Drop in today for easy application approval.

To speed up the approval process, please fill-out our convenient online rental application form.